Aku and Niinivirta Transport Spa starts co-operation


Aku Motorsport and Niinivirta Transport Spa have agreed on co-operation during the race season 2011. Niinivirta Spa is active in many ways with Aku's new challenges when entering international motorsports.

Finnish-Italian know-how

 Niinivirta Spa has been one of the leading transport companies concerning transports between Finland and Italy for over 25 years. In Finland this strong competence is available via Niinivirta European Cargo Oy - the Finnish subsidiary of Niinivirta Transport Spa.

Niinivirta Spa and Niinivirta European Cargo Oy are offering several weekly transport connections between Finland and Italy in both directions. Domestic transports in Italy are taken care by 5 own terminals: Milan, Brecia, Turin, Rome and Parma. In Finland the transports are handled by the Vantaa terminal.

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Contact information:

Niinivirta Transport Spa, Italia:

Paolo Ferraresi:  paolo(at)

Niinivirta European Cargo Oy:

 Pekka Salonen: pekka(at)  GSM +358 40 1588006

AKU Motorsport:

Jukka Pellinen: jukka.pellinen(at) GSM +358 50 9176428

Aku Pellinen: aku.pellinen(at)


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