Season's last Race Weekend at Monza

The last Race Weekend of Trofeo Abarth 2011 will be raced at the famous Monza race track. The track is one of the fastest in the whole world and we have been told that only the 4th, 5th and 6th gears are needed and the maximum speed exceeds clearly 200 km/h. The unfortune weekend in Mugello is history and we will concentrate fully in the coming race in Monza.

The setup of Aku's Abarth will be changed according to our experiences in Mugello. We are confident that we know the reason for the understeering, and therefore we aim only to the podium. Let's hope that the tyre supplier will provide the teams with tyres that last the whole race.

We also warmly welcome the guests of Niinivirta European Cargo! Enjoy the athmosphere of the hectic Race Weekend. More information can be found here.

After the race Aku will have a 2-day testrun. The results of the test session will guide our plans for the coming seasons. There will be more test sessions this autumn, but we will publish info about them after Monza.

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