Aku's first test with Formula Abarth

Aku drove his first meters with a modern formula at Franciacorta Circuit in Italy. He used Prema Powerteam's Formula Abarth FA10. Formula Abarth has the same engine as Aku's 500 Assetto Corse, but weights much less. The 6-gear sequential gearbox comes from Sadev.

- It was really an interesting test session. The car is very precice to drive, and I had to change my driving style quite a lot since I have driven a front wheel driven touring car for several years now. A 4-hour test session is not too much to get used to a single-seater, but I am pretty happy with my laptimes. Specially the difference to the fastest time was less than I expected. I still braked too early, as the weight of the car is less than 500 kgs and it stops in a very short distance. But it is possible to enter the curves with a very high speed thanks to the downforce, told Aku with satisfaction.

Aku's time was 6th fastest and was on the top among the first timers with a difference of 1 second to the fastest one. Gallery is also updated, check a couple of pics from there.

Aku's test sessions in near future will be decided soon and negotiations about the coming season continue...



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