A busy weekend in Imola

The race weekend at Imola circuit began with promising laptimes during the first free practice. The changes made after Red Bull Ring seemed to work well and the balance of the car felt good. Aku had the fastest laptime with a nice gap to his rivals.

The second free practice was dramatic. Aku lost his brakes just before Rivazza, drove off and rolled his car. The team staff had a  lot to do, but they were confident that the car would be ok before the qualifying. Luckily the damage seemed to be only on body panels and windscreen.

The qualifying started with problems as the clutch broke down on the fastest lap. The mechanics were able to fix it before the second qualifying and Aku was full of adrenaline. He drove the fastest lap ever with a 500 AC in Imola and took the pole!

The first race started with a crash between Niklas Lilja and Tobias Tauber, and Aku succeeded to pass them both. After that the biggest problem was a slow 695 driver that was not clever enough to let Aku go. Anyway, the gap was big enough and Aku crossed the line first.

Just before the second race the mechanics noticed that the clutch was not working. There was not enough time to fix it and Aku had to start without clutch. He was able to finish the race and scored some important points. However, the gearbox needs now some attention...

Aku is leading the 500 AC championship with 17 points before the last race in Monza. The race weekend takes place on the 20.-21.10.2012. Everything needs to be prepared well, because we cannot afford any technical problems. Anyway, Aku has been clearly the fastest man on the track and will hold the lead if the car works!

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