Victories from Monza!


The final race weekend in Monza was succesful for Aku. He won the Trofeo Abarth 500 AC Europe and also the race in Seat Ibiza Cup Italia!

The weekend started with problems as the differential of Aku's Abarth did not work properly. Therefore Aku ended up in P3 and P2 in qualifyings. The team serviced the differential during the evening and everything looked promising for the race 1 on Saturday.

Aku had a good start and was leading the race already before the first lap was ended! Aku drove safely without any risks and crossed the finish line first. The championship was actually quaranteed and there was no need to push during the race 2 on Sunday. Aku finished third on Sunday and conquered the Trofeo Abarth 500 AC European championship!

Aku raced also in the Seat Ibiza Cup Italia. He tested the Seat for the very first time on Friday's free practice and the pace was good from the very beginning. On Saturday's qualifying AKu finished fourth and made very constant laptimes. Everything looked very promising for Sundays races. 

Aku started well on race 1 and was leading the race after a couple of laps. Alberto Bergamaschi was Aku's teammate and he took the driver's seat after about 35 minutes. Alberto brought the car safely to the end of the race and finished fourth. Aku won the junior class.

The second race started almost identically and Aku was soon leading the race. He brought the car to the pit box after 35 minutes and had a good lead. Bergamaschi could start on P1 and had a very good race with 2 other cars. He was able to take the lead in Parabolica on the last lap and finished first! A very good race from the team and a nice way to end the season.

 Now it is time to thank everyone that has supported Aku's season: Niinivirta Transport, OnlineSolutions, HuoltoRengas Laiho, Aercopter, Kobra and many others.

Thank You!

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