Successfull testdays in Italy

Aku had his first testdays in Italy for this season. He started with Seat Ibiza in Misano World Circuit on Friday 15.2.2013. Sun was shining, but the temperature was not too high, around 10 degrees Celsius. 

Seat Ibiza Cup cars have changed a bit from last year. The engine has 20 hp more, the intercooler is larger and also the rear axle has changed. Also the tires used in the Ibiza Cup have changed, now Dunlop slicks take care of the grip.

Aku performed over 80 laps and the pace was good. At the end of the day he was second fastest of all, so the test was successfull. Aku used the same set of tires all the day, so Dunlop seem to be durable enough.

On Monday and Tuesday it was time to test the very new Formula Renault in Autodromo di Riccardo Paletti, Varano. Monday was planned for seat preparation and a 20-lap shakedown. The real test started on Tuesday morning and Aku did more than 250 kms during the day, so now it is a lot easier to judge the handling of a modern single-seater. The laptimes were very good and Aku's performance during the test is a good ground for the negotiations concerning the coming season.

The decisions about Aku's race calendar will be made until the end of February. We will release news about the decision as soon as it is made. Pictures from both tests can be found from the Gallery and Facebook. Stay tuned!



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